Although the organic reach for being active on social media is a powerful tool for big and small brands, the scope of advertising your products on these user-populated digital platforms is far beyond our trajectories. Today, 68% of customers are willing to see a “relevant” ad from a brand of their choice on platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

The stats expand to suggest that 96% of online users have profiled themselves on social media platforms. No matter how many customers you foster through social media, at certain intervals, every brand must use top social media advertising strategies to empower their sponsored digital content and intensify their overall social media presence.

The transition from posting stuff for organic reach to running paid social media advertising campaigns is a big one, and it requires meticulous work as ads are more effective when they exhibit a personalized and targeted nature.

Let’s discuss the top social media advertising strategies that not only create results but also accelerate brand visibility.

1. Make Personalized & Targeted Ads:

Anyone with ample digital prowess can produce social media ads. It takes the right color combination, brand template, sparkling product image, and viola!

But there’s more that goes into making it personalized and targeted. Social media advertising allows us to design our ads according to the customer’s demographics, behavior, location, and age. This ensures that your social media ad isn’t popping up to everyone’s but genuine prospects only.

Making the ad highly personalized and targeted makes it more value-driven for customers, as they’ll see that their requirements are being met immediately with what is being offered. Researching your target segments is a win-win for social media ads to perform exceptionally well.

You can also use a variety of targeting options, such as the person’s last website visit, previous purchases, cart abandonment, and their growing interest in a certain product that you have onboard to personalize your ads.

2. Initiating Live Sessions  on Facebook & Instagram:

The most effective social media advertising strategy, which spurs from a free feature, is using live video sessions to connect with your social media followers. The benefit is twofold: first, your customers take a breath of fresh air about the brand’s authenticity as they develop positive feedback. 

Secondly, by communicating with your customers in real-time, companies can grab the attention of a huge swarm of customers that otherwise may have yet to engage themselves online. Using live-streaming services on social media has worked for big and small companies, especially e-commerce stores, as they capitalize on this social media strategy to make pre-sale announcements to spark customer curiosity and infuse a higher level of brand awareness simultaneously.

3. Start With Cross-Platform Social Media Advertising:

Know your niche, understand your industry, and also learn the metrics behind the distribution of social media followers across multiple channels.

Start with cross-platform social media advertising as different social media platforms have come into being to cater to different audiences online.

Invest your time into researching the most ideal social media platform for your brand, or the niche itself to draw a clear picture of your next social media advertising strategy.

Based on the wide-ranging stats, here’s how the overall social media audience marks their avid presence across multiple social media platforms:

  • Sprout Social, a social media research hub, states that overall social media usage has doubled in 2 years, as concluded by 53% of active users.
  • Instagram’s new-user trajectory stands at another 1.3 billion registrations by 2024.
  • 73% of social media users go to TikTok to develop some kind of emotional bond with their favorite brands.
  • LinkedIn advertising is the new “niche-based marketing” for B2B and B2C brands.
  • 60% of the total user base of Pinterest is made up of women.
  • YouTube is the largest social media platform for advertising products and services with billions of users sprawled across 80+ languages.

Final Thought:

Considering the latest research, and modern social media advertising strategies, it’s recommended to clutch on to thorough brand research before making your brand start a digital cycle of paid advertisement. There’s no one formula that fits all but if we thoroughly inspect our niche and its competitors, we can integrate the most effective social media advertising strategies to refine our revenues and widen our online presence.