Has your company integrated a new content marketing strategy into its digital game plan? The webmasters of the digital era advise that building a deeper sense of how to post has become more important than what to post, which rationally suggests that every brand should focus more on its content creation strategy rather than its marketing counterpart.

However, creating content can be equally draining and time-consuming with other endeavors at hand, and most of the brands fail to keep up with their competitors’ posting frequency with their limited resources, time, and effort. Developing high-quality, commendable, and engaging content that takes care of the needs of your audience and provides a resolution to their problems is the demand of time. Making use of a variety of formats to appeal to different audience preferences, such as blog posts, videos, infographics, and podcasts is the key.

But it’s not a problem for companies operating on any scale anymore with the inclusion of clever content hacks that effectively restructure your content strategy. So, are you looking to expand your company’s online reach? Don’t waste the opportunity to browse these 4 powerful content creation hacks that expedite your content creation and acquire wider brand traction.

1. Content Repurposing

Does your company realize the importance of ringing its bells across the most populated online platforms to boost its online presence? You can achieve that mastery by using content repurposing, an innovative content creation strategy that allows you to re-produce a single post for all digital platforms so that more visitors may engage with your brand. Repurposing enables companies to expedite their content creation process by tweaking (mostly design and added information) their posts and changing their format. 

For example, an online pizzeria may use static images to display their most-running flavors on one platform, but they can also compile the same list of visuals and turn it into a short video describing their full menu to customers on a platform where video engagement is higher than its counterpart. Content repurposing saves time and maintains the exclusivity of your posts so that more customers can engage and interact online.

2. Working with Micro-Influencers:

We’re living in a world of top voices and thought leaders. Not to forget, every famous online platform has its version of influencers: for example, LinkedIn influencers, social media influencers, and YouTube influencers.

Instead of running hefty paid media campaigns with influencers, you can work with micro-influencers, which are a subset of the large network of influencers working in specific niches and industries. You can use their digital footprints to boost your company’s online presence. This can engage more customers and save time and money simultaneously.

3. Discover Trending Topics

The most time-tested way to add fuel to your content creation is to research the most viral ideas and topics so you can formulate them into shareable digital content. You can leverage the trending news for high-velocity topics and compile them into short videos, infographics, and blogs.

Creating content on viral topics or ideas empowers your content strategy with a higher ratio of sharing from one customer to another.

You can also add your marketing mix to the content by tagging CTAs, limited-time offers, and special promotions for customers. This can snowball into a series of viral posts published under your company’s belt, and your online presence will sparkle like fireworks in an empty sky!

4. Using Custom Templates

Using custom templates is a hallmark of any company adhering to personal branding. They exhibit brand-cohesive colors and fonts to create customer familiarity. It also helps in saving time and effort, ironing out the need to hire a design resource for a variety of company posts.

You can make last-minute adjustments to your custom templates, knowing that the remaining design canvas is reflecting your brand tone and typography. This content hack also helps companies cut out the design noise, which at times makes them suffer from distracted attention.

Final Thought

You can recalibrate your content creation strategy by following these 4 simple hacks and using them to boost your online presence. Using these effective strategies to create content is far more important than using hefty sponsored campaigns for a digital appeal. Further, if used correctly, these content-creation hacks can help you stand out in a competitive business industry while adding a power punch to your online presence.